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Cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia

Honeymoons are the most special periods for newlywed couples who just embarked on a lifelong journey together. Every year, millions of couples around the world plan their honeymoon trip abroad to celebrate their marriage and create new memories. After all, what would be better than to start your new life with unforgettable memories in an exotic place?

The idea of exploring a new place and experiencing a new culture together is a great way to spend your honeymoon. In this economy, however, it is not so easy to plan a honeymoon trip abroad considering all the wedding costs, hotel prices and the airfares. Good news for couples who are on a tight budget is that; the continent of Asia is home to many gorgeous destinations that are crazy affordable.

A cheap honeymoon doesn’t have to mean that you should compromise on all kinds of luxuries and comfort. In countries where the cost of living is cheap, you can find amazing hotels and resorts which are giving the best value for your buck. In this blog post, we have listed the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia which are perfect places to give an amazing start to your new life.


In recent years, Vietnam has become a really popular destination for backpackers and adventure lovers. It is also becoming very popular among honeymoon couples as well. Although it is becoming a tourist hotspot, Vietnam is still among the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia.

If you do your research well you can find many luxury hotels and resorts in Vietnam; which are quite cheap but do not compromise on their service quality. When it comes to dining out, shopping, booking tours or traveling between cities, Vietnam is a great place allowing you to plan a budget friendly honeymoon.

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Laos is often overlooked and underrated when you think of honeymooning in Asia. This landlocked country might not have the white sand beaches or colorful coral reefs but it certainly doesn’t have the shortage of natural wonders. Laos is the unexplored gem of the Southeast Asia. It is the perfect place for outdoor activities and enjoying the unspoiled nature. Recently, ecotourism trend has helped Laos to grow its popularity among higher-end tourists as well.

Laos is one of the cheapest destinations in the whole world, not just in Asia. Depending on time of the year you choose to travel and the hotel you want to stay, you can find bargain honeymoon packages in Laos. To find out more information about Laos, click here to read our main article.


Cambodia is another great destination in the Southeast Asia that you can consider for your honeymoon. It is very rich in terms of natural beauty and culture. While the world famous Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, is the main tourist attraction, Cambodia has a lot more to offer. From pristine beaches to evergreen forests, the landscape in Cambodia is very diverse. Whether you visit the famous seaside towns like Sihanoukville and Kep or explore eco-tourism sites in Mondulkiri and Koh Kong; Cambodia never disappoints travelers who are looking for a totaly unique experience.

You can find plenty of honeymoon resorts and hotels in Cambodia which are very affordable. Finding a comfortable accommodation is very easy for all budgets. Like other destinations in the Southeast Asia; dining, shopping and transportation costs in Cambodia are very affordable.

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Myanmar (Burma)

With an exotic and mysterious charm, Myanmar (also known as Burma) is a good choice for couples who would like enjoy some lazy days on sandy beaches and experience a unique culture at the same time. The nickname of this country is “the Land of the Golden Pagodas”. Even this nickname gives you an intriguing first impression. If you are interested in history, archeology and spirituality; your Myanmar honeymoon will be absolutely unforgettable.

Although things like domestic airfares and hotel prices might be relatively expensive in peak tourist seasons, Myanmar is still a very affordable destination. Especially if you are coming from a country with high cost of living; you will find the food and drink prices very cheap. You can read all the things you should know about Myanmar in our main article.

Sri Lanka

In recent years, Sri Lanka has become one of the hottest tourism destinations in the Southeast Asia. Although it might seem small, there are many things to explore and experience on this paradise island. Ancient temples, breathtaking sceneries, lush green landscapes, national parks and golden beaches are scattered across Sri Lanka and attracts travelers from across the world. Sri Lanka is one of the few destinations in the world where you can observe the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Sri Lanka has plenty of accommodation options for all budgets both on the coastline and in the inland of the island. From beach resorts offering the ultimate luxury to affordable boutique hotels situated on the lush inland landscapes, you will definitely find what you want in Sri Lanka. Renting luxurious villas with private pools and gardens is also becoming very popular among newlyweds looking for a romantic getaway.

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Other cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia

In general, countries located in the Southeast Asia are cheaper than countries in other parts of Asia. They are also among the cheapest destinations in the world in general. However, the cost of your honeymoon mostly depends on your preferences. It is not very easy to decide which destination in Asia is cheapest. Each country has their own things that are cheaper than in other countries.

Another point to consider when finding the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia is to look at the places you want to visit. Countries like Indonesia and the Philippines are very large in terms of size and they consist of thousands of island. While some cities in these countries are super cheap even by Southeast Asia standards, others might have average or high costs. Popular destinations like Bali or Boracay are not incredibly cheap at all during the peak season.

In addition to the 5 countries listed above; Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and the Philippines are other countries which have lots of beautiful places that are very cheap. Therefore, we can rank these countries among the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia.


Thanks to its vibrant culture, natural wonders, crystal clear waters and perfect beaches; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Thailand is an ideal place for an unforgettable honeymoon because this fascinating country offers many things at the same time: pristine and exotic nature, perfect beaches, world famous cuisine, friendly people, spiritual places and crazy nightlife. In Thailand, you can find the most luxurious resorts with private beaches or boutique hotels with budget friendly rooms; it’s all up to your taste.


Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, spread across Southeast Asia and Oceania with its more than 18.000 islands. It is home to some of the most pristine locations on Earth. While Bali is the most popular honeymoon destination in the country, Indonesia has many other paradise islands that you can visit on a small budget.


There are many exotic locations in Malaysia where golden beaches, blue waters and lush green rainforests meet with each other. Luxurious resorts are scattered across the beautiful beaches and islands of Malaysia. If you would like a little bit more privacy, you can rent a holiday villa with a private pool for a very good price in most of the touristic destinations.


India, the land of mystery, provides wide range of options for travelers with different tastes. It is a destination that will definitely broaden your horizon. Whether you are looking for a cultural exploration, a holiday full of adventure, a spiritual journey or a laid-back beach vacation; India offers limitless options for all budgets. India has lots of luxurious hotels and resorts, which are relatively cheaper compared to other popular destinations in Asia.

The Philippines

Thanks to its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, pristine nature and breathtaking sights above and undersea; The Philippines is one of the best places on Earth to spend your honeymoon. Boracay Island is probably the most famous place in the entire Philippine archipelago but it is not your only option. There are plenty of beautiful places in Philippines that can give you the best value for your money.

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