honeymoon couple on a camping trip during the pandemic

How to plan a honeymoon during the pandemic?

As the coronavirus surges, most of the countries in the world have either closed their doors or imposed travel restrictions to all foreign travelers. As a consequence, international leisure travel demand have almost came to a standstill.

Most of the couples who somehow managed to plan their wedding and got married in the middle of the pandemic have postponed their honeymoon plans. Fortunately, even during the pandemic, it is possible to plan a safe, romantic and amazing honeymoon. We have listed a few creative and budget friendly alternatives for newlyweds to help them to plan a honeymoon during the pandemic.

1) Go camping

For the couples who love outdoors, a camping honeymoon might be even more romantic than a tropical resort honeymoon. After months of stressful wedding planning and boring days under lockdown, what would be better than spending a few days in the great outdoors? You can watch the most amazing sunsets and sunrises with your significant other and enjoy the tranquility of nature while camping.

The best part of a camping trip is that it teaches you to appreciate the simple things in life. During this difficult period caused by the pandemic, a romantic camping trip can give you the much-needed break and help you bond with your partner.

2) Plan a road trip

For many of us, flying to our dream honeymoon destination is off the table for an unforeseeable future. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get out out of your home. No matter where you live, there is no shortage of beautiful places to explore. Going on a road trip is shared experience that couples can treasure forever. Instead of spending your first months as a married couple under lockdown; just pack your bags and hit the open road with your significant other.

3) Rent an RV

We know that this sounds like a combination of first two suggestion above but it actually make a lot of sense. If either one of you is not a camping person, your trip probably won’t be as fun as you anticipate. After all, sleeping in a tent or digging a hole in the ground for toilet is not for everyone. However, you have other alternatives. There are plenty companies from which you can rent a caravan or a motorhome to bring the comforts of your home along for the adventure. Renting an RV for your honeymoon gives you all the comfort and flexibility to plan your trip as you desire. Plus, it is a lot more affordable than flying to Caribbeans for your honeymoon.

4) Charter a yacht or a sailboat

In most countries, travel restrictions also apply for tourists arriving with private yachts as well. If you are living in a country with a long coastline however, there are probably plenty of beautiful coves waiting for you to explore.

Chartering a yacht for honeymooning has always been a popular choice for many couples even before the coronavirus pandemic. Booking the honeymoon suite in a 5-star hotel located on a sandy beach is great. But how about sailing to that same beach with luxury yacht?

Nowadays you can easily charter yachts or sailboats with or without crew. Sailing is an experience that is thrilling and relaxing at the same time. Also, the best part of honeymooning on a yacht is that it gives you perfect privacy.

In conclusion, we think that there are plenty of other options to choose when it comes to plan a honeymoon during the pandemic. If you got married recently or planning to tie the know soon, don’t let this pandemic to discourage you. If done correctly, all of the options listed above are perfect alternatives to a traditional honeymoon.

If you would like to read more honeymoon inspirations, check out our latest blog posts. Also, if you have any ideas about planning an alternative honeymoon during the pandemic, don’t hesitate to comment below 🙂

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