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Experience the Mekong River cruise in Laos

In this blog post, we are explaining you how to book a Mekong River Cruise in Laos and what you can expect from a boat cruise on the Mekong River. If you are looking for an offbeat honeymoon destination in Southeast Asia, you’ve probably read a lot of good things about Laos. This incredibly beautiful country might not have the golden beaches that you would find in Thailand or Vietnam but Laos is an unexplored gem that is offering a totally unique honeymoon experience full of culture, history and natural beauty. A trip to Laos is never complete without seeing the mighty “Mekong River”, which is the longest river in Southeast Asia.

Mekong River Cruise Experience

With a length of 4.350 kilometers, Mekong River is the longest river in Southeast Asia and twelfth longest river in the world. Mekong River begins from the Tibetan Plateau and runs through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Mekong River not only shapes the borders between these countries but it also shapes the lifestyle and culture of the people living around it.

Mekong River Cruise in Laos
If you are planning to visit Laos for your honeymoon, Mekong River cruise might be a unique experience to observe the lifestyle of friendly people living in small villages along the river. In addition, you get to observe the natural life in the river basin up close from the observation deck of your ship. Hundreds of different fish, bird, mammal, reptile and plant species live in the Mekong basin, making it one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world.

How to Book Mekong River Cruise in Laos?

From 1 hour to 11 days, cruise trips on the Mekong River vary in length. Usually, day trips on the river are made with small boats with a small crew and a guide. For the longer trips which last couple of days or more than a week; larger ships equipped with luxury features and amenities are being used.

There are several tour operators in Laos that are organizing Mekong River cruise tours. In the video above, Germany based tour operator “Lernidee Trains & Cruises” shows their Mekong River Cruise. As you can see it from the video, Lernidee offers a very professional and premium service to its guests. In their website, they share all the important details about their Mekong River Cruise Tours.

If you are interested in booking a Mekong River Cruise in Laos, you may check out their website to read all the necessary information, see dates and routes and check availability of your preferred tour.

Routes and Destinations

Lernidee Trains & Cruises offers several options for Mekong River cruises. Their longest cruise route is called the Golden Triangle. It is an 11 Day tour from the Thailand’s Golden Triangle into the heart of Laos. The journey takes travelers from Chiang Rai in Thailand to Vientiane in Laos via the famous UNESCO World Heritage City of Luang Prabang. This cruise can be booked as both upstream and downstream routes.

Lernidee also offers 8 day cruise from Luang Prabang in Laos to Chiang Rai in Thailand. This cruise can also be booked as both upstream and downstream routes. In addition to 11 and 8 days cruises, there are 6 day cruises offered by Lernidee. Each cruise includes excursions to some of the important landmarks, temples or remote villages. To find the perfect cruise for you, we suggest you to visit their website and check what’s included in different routes.

Cruise Ships

twin superior cabin with balcony in mekong sun cruise ship
Lernidee operates 2 cruise ships which are named Mekong Sun and Mekong Pearl. With a classic old world styling, both of these ships are capable of accommodating 29 guests in full comfort. The Ships have 14 and 15 cabins respectively, all of which are decorated in colonial-style. All cabins in both ships include a private shower/WC and air-conditioning. All of the cabins are facing out onto the water, with wide sliding windows and private balconies for an excellent view of the passing landscape.

Life on Board

People are relaxing on the sun deck of a cruise ship in Mekong River
On both ships, accommodation and service is top level. Guests can enjoy an exclusive yet casual travelling experience while they reside in their private cabins or enjoy the services of the restaurant and bar.

Throughout the cruise, a selection of Asian and continental food is provided. Meals are freshly prepared in the well-equipped galley using ingredients bought from local merchants during the tour. Special requirements can be catered for the guests if they would like to. Wine, beer as well as spirituous beverages are available on board.

After a day of exciting excursions, guests may book a relaxing massage session in their cabin. Both Mekong Sun and Mekong Pearl have sun decks where guests can relax among flowers and fresh fruits while enjoying a drink or two.

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Please note that this blog post is not a paid promotion. After an extensive research on how to book a Mekong River Cruise in Laos, we picked the tours organized by Lernidee Trains & Cruises to share with you and give you some inspiration.

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