Honeymoon in Myanmar

The Ancient City of Bagan

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is one of the most exotic countries in the world. Located on the North of Andaman Sea and East of the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar attracts couples who would like to enjoy some lazy days on sandy beaches and experience a unique culture at the same time.

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Honeymoon in Myanmar at a glance

Unlike some of the popular tourist destinations in the Southeast Asia, Myanmar still maintains its image of being an undiscovered world with an exotic and mysterious charm.

Myanmar is the land of Pagodas and temples in the Southeast Asia. If you are interested in history, archeology and spirituality; your Myanmar honeymoon will absolutely be unforgettable for you. Like the rest of the Southeast Asian countries, best part of choosing Myanmar to spend your honeymoon in will be the fact that it is a budget friendly destination. You can indulge yourself with a luxurious accommodation and lots of other pampering services for incredibly affordable prices.

Honeymoon destinations in Myanmar

tourist are relaxing on the beach at sunset in Ngapali, near Thandwe, Myanmar
Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Your honeymoon in Myanmar will probably start in the cities of Yangon or Mandalay because these are the first and second biggest cities in the country where the main airports are located. Both of these cities offer plenty of attractions to visit.

In Yangon, you can visit famous Pagodas, Buddha Temples and museums to learn more about the history and culture of this country. Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda and Chauk-htat-gyi Buddha Temple are the must see places to visit in Yangon. For shopping and dining, you can visit Chinatown where you can find souvenirs, handmade items and various street vendors selling freshly made food. Bogyoke Aung San Market is also a great place to go for shopping. You can find handicrafts, souvenirs, fabrics and more. Inya Lake and Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon are beautiful recreational areas for locals and famous tourist attractions where you can go to relax and enjoy the lush green nature.

Former capital of Myanmar, the city of Mandalay is home to several religious sites. Mandalay hill is a must see site and popular tourist attraction. This 230 meter high hill is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Along the way going up to hill, several monasteries and temples are located. Mahamuni Buddaha Temple, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Mandalay Palace, U Bein Bridge, Mingun Pahtodawgy and Shwenandaw Monastery are some of the other tourist sites in Mandalay that you shouldn’t miss.

Ancient City of Bagan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most famous touristic destination in Myanmar, is home to thousands of sacred temples, pagodas and monasteries. Hot air balloon tours at sunrise are very popular among tourist and might be the highlight of your Burma trip, thanks to the breathtaking aerial view of the Bagan Plains.

To spend some romantic time on the white sandy beaches, enjoy the sun and turquoise waters; you can go the Ngapali Beach. Situation on the western coast of Myanmar, in the Rakhine State, Ngapali is the most famous seaside destination in Myanmar and is home to many luxurious resorts.

Things to do in Myanmar on honeymoon

  • Book a hot air balloon tour in Bagan to see the Bagan plains from above
  • Discover ancient temples and pagodas in Bagan
  • Explore the Yangon city center in the evening and try various dishes from the Burmese cuisine
  • Book a sunset boat cruise on the Irrawaddy River
  • Try various outdoor activities from kayaking on the rivers to cycling.
  • Enjoy the turquoise waters and sandy beaches in Myanmar’s coastline

Best time to visit Myanmar

You can visit Myanmar all year round depending on the activities you are planning. After all, you can enjoy visiting ancient temples and explore vibrant cities pretty much any time of the year. However, if you want to spend your honeymoon in the best season with the best possible climate, you should visit Myanmar during winter months.

In general, the best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February with the most pleasant weather and lush green landscapes which come after the rainy season. January and February are usually the driest months with lots of sun and pleasant weather. From March to May, temperatures might get a little bit too hot to walk around comfortably, especially in the inland regions such as Bagan and Mandalay.

From May to October, the Southwest Monsoon brings rain to Myanmar. During this period some regions become inaccessible and most of the resorts on the coastline close down.

Useful information for Myanmar

  • Official language of Myanmar (Burma) is Burmese. You won’t have hard time to find someone speaking English in the big cities and touristy areas.
  • Local currency in Myanmar is the Myanmar Kyat. Paying cash is still the most preferred payment method in Myanmar. You should always carry some cash with you especially if you are visiting rural areas. ATM machines are available in the big cities and major tourist destinations.
  • Tipping is usually not expected in Myanmar but always appreciated because most of the people in the service industry are working for very low wages. If you like the service you get, you can round up the bill or give ten percent of the bill as the tip.
  • In touristy areas, the dress code is relaxed and you can dress however you like. However, it is always recommend dressing a little bit modestly. Wearing very short skirts and shorts might get you weird looks while walking around town.
  • Before entering temples or religious sites, you should dress modestly, cover up until your knees and elbows and remove your shoes.
  • Never disrespect the Buddha statues and monks. Do not touch, climb or sit near a Buddha Statue.
  • Pack some medication with you in case you experience food poisoning, diarrhea or headache.
  • Bring a lightweight rain jacket and a pair of comfortable shoes for hiking and sightseeing.
  • Bring a mosquito repellent with you.
  • During your stay in Laos, always prefer bottled water instead of tap water
  • Avoid using ice in your drinks because the ice might be made of poor quality water source.
  • Try to prefer popular restaurants and avoid eating street food if it doesn’t look hygienic.

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