Honeymoon in Japan

Mt. Fuji and the Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi, Japan

Japan is a wonderful country that everyone should visit at least once in their life. There is no other country in the world which has the similar perfect balance between the modern life and thousands years of history, culture and customs. From its megacities with vibrant urban life to secluded countryside with amazing landscapes, there are lots of things to do and see in Japan on your honeymoon.

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Honeymoon in Japan at a glance

Starting from its prehistoric Jōmon Period to today’s contemporary modern culture, a unique culture has been formed in Japan over the centuries and each period of the history as has left a mark on this unique culture. Japan has transformed itself many times during the course of history. You can still observe the traces of these transformations during your visit in Japan. Thanks to Japan’s popular culture and global reach today, millions of people are visiting Japan every year just to experience and explore this unique country by themselves.

The reason why Japan is a great honeymoon destination is because the experiences it offers are so unique that you can’t compare a honeymoon in Japan with a typical beach honeymoon in a tropical island. If you and your significant other are into the Japanese culture, you are going to have an unforgettable time in Japan. Even if you don’t know much about Japan and Japanese culture, we bet you will have a great time because after all, honeymooning is all about giving yourself a relaxing break after the wedding and starting your new life with unforgettable memories; Japan is a perfect place to do so. Cities, landscapes, the food, the culture and warm hospitality of kind people in Japan never disappoint travelers. Thus, recently it’s becoming more and more popular among newlyweds to choose Japan as their honeymoon destination.

Honeymoon destinations in Japan

view of Mountain Fuji and Chureito Pagoda around trees in autumn season at Yamanashi, Japan
Mt. Fuji and the Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi, Japan

Japan is a large country consisting of many islands, spread across a large area between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. Since there are so many places to see and things to do in Japan, we suggest you to not spend your entire honeymoon only in one city. Japan has one of the best if not the best transportation infrastructure in the world. You can either fly or use the Shinkansen, aka the bullet train, which makes travelling from one city to another very easy. Trains in Japan are known for being fast, punctual and inexpensive.

You can start your Japanese honeymoon in Tokyo, capital city of Japan. There are many things to do in this city of lights. Discovering parks, temples, shrines, museums, the Imperial Palace and its gardens are most touristy things to do in Tokyo and kind of a must if you are in Tokyo. However, you don’t have to limit yourself. You can create your own itinerary based on your own taste. Foodies, anime and manga lovers, gamers and Kawaii Culture fans would be more than happy to spend couple of days in Tokyo. Visiting some of the world’s most famous shopping and entertainment districts in Tokyo is also a good reason to visit Japan.

After spending couple of days in Tokyo, you can head to Kyoto for a little bit more history and culture. Kyoto is often called as the most beautiful city in Japan and it’s cultural capital. In fact, Kyoto was the capital city of Japan for more than a thousand years until 1868 when Tokyo became the capital. Today Kyoto’s cultural assets such as its 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historic temples, shrines and samurai castles attract millions of visitors. During the fall foliage happening in autumn, Kyoto turns into a magical place with spectacular sceneries thanks to the vibrant red, orange and golden colors on tree leaves.

Osaka is another urban jungle in Japan which is the second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo. You can find lots of entertainment and dining venues in Osaka. The popular Universal Studios theme park is one of the most visited attractions in Osaka. Reconstruction of the Osaka Castle, downtown Osaka, famous Shinsekai district and many more attractions are waiting for you in Osaka.

Last but not least, if you have come so far to visit Kyoto and Osaka, a day trip to nearby city of Nara is a must. You may have heard of Nara before thanks to the world famous Nara Park, where you can walk among cute deer and feed them. In fact, meeting with these furry residents of Nara might be the most enjoyable experience during your honeymoon in Japan.

Things to do in Japan on honeymoon

  • Try a private onsen (hot spring bath) with your partner. Some Ryokans (traditional inns with onsens) have incredible ocean, mountain or forest views which are perfect for a romantic getaway.
  • See the Mount Fuji and its surrounding, which is the tallest and most famous mountain in Japan and considered as one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains.
  • Get a photo of yourself with traditional Japanese clothes
  • Try as many different dishes of the epic Japanese cuisine as possible.
  • Visit Tokyo Disney Resort or Universal Studios Japan in Osaka for a good old amusement park fun
  • Feast your eyes with the amazing sceneries of Cherry Blossoms in Spring or Fall Foliage in Autumn

Best time to visit Japan

Even though Japan has its own amazing beaches, it is not a tropical honeymoon destination where you can lay down on the beach all day or go snorkeling. Japan is a fascinating destination full of culture, history, traditions and all the good things that technology and modern life provides. Therefore, you can visit Japan pretty much any time of the year.

Japan experiences all of the four seasons. In general early spring is the most popular time to visit Japan because you can see the pinkish color of the amazing cherry blossoms everywhere. After spring, the second most popular time to visit Japan is the autumn, in which you can enjoy every tone of the beautiful autumn colors.

Useful information for Japan

  • Official language of Japan is Japanese. Unfortunately, number of Japanese people who can fluently speak English is surprisingly low. However, you won’t have any language related problems in Japan since it is one of the most developed countries in the world and hosts millions of tourist every year. In general tourist situations, you would definitely get help from someone or you can use your Smartphone.
  • Local currency in Japan is the Japanese Yen (JPY). You can find ATM machines in almost everywhere. Most of the major currencies can be exchanged at the airport.
  • Tipping is not customary in Japan and it can be considered rude in some situations. Although you don’t have to tip, rest assured that you will get an outstanding service almost everywhere in Japan.
  • Tap water in Japan is drinkable and safe.
  • Japan has a standard voltage of 100 volts. We strongly suggest you to bring a universal travel adapter.

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