Honeymoon in Cambodia

Angkor Wat at sunrise

Although Cambodia is not among the first destinations that come to mind when you think of honeymoon, it is actually a great place to consider if you are looking for a truly unique honeymoon. Cambodia is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and it slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. Unlike many other destinations in the Southeast Asia, Cambodia still is an undiscovered gem, rich in natural beauty and culture.

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Honeymoon in Cambodia at a glance

There are a lot sights to see and places to explore in Cambodia. From pristine beaches to evergreen forests, the landscape in Cambodia is very diverse. However, in general the main reason why many tourists visit Cambodia is the fact that Cambodia is home to one most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. The Angkor Wat, which is the largest religious monument in the world, is the most important place to visit in Cambodia and it is the main tourist attraction of the country. In fact it is so important that it has become the symbol of Cambodia and appears on its national flag today.

If you are looking for a honeymoon that involves a lot of culture and history, Cambodia might be the ideal place for you. Not only you will get to spend some romantic time on Cambodia’s white sandy beaches; you will also have a chance to observe its wildlife, explore beautiful landscapes and enjoy some delicious food. The best part of all of this is, Cambodia is an incredibly budget friendly destination. There are many luxury resorts in Cambodia which are perfect places to relax and get rid of the wedding stress. Thanks to the recent tourism boom in Cambodia, new resorts with very unique concepts and luxury amenities are opening every year. Considering the service quality and holiday experience they offer, price tag of most of these luxury resorts are quite affordable.

Honeymoon Destinations in Cambodia

beautiful aerial view of Angkor Wat at sunrise, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Angkor Wat at sunrise

Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia’s coastline is not very long and it doesn’t have hundreds of islands either. However, Cambodia has its share of incredibly beautiful places which are perfect for a honeymoon getaway. Although recently they started to get the well deserved attention from the travelers across the world, Cambodia’s pristine beaches and islands are relatively unknown. This actually a good thing for honeymoon couples because Cambodia’s honeymoon destinations offer a serene atmosphere to their guests with less crowd and romantic vibes.

To start your honeymoon in a tropical paradise with pristine beaches, you may head to the Southern Cambodia. A small seaside town of Sihanoukville is home to many beautiful beaches and luxury hotels. Sihanoukville is a great place to relax and try various water sports. Sihanoukville is an important destination in Cambodia because the most famous islands of the country are located just off the coast of Sihanoukville. Koh Rong and its sister island Koh Rong Samloem are located 25km off the coast of Sihanoukville and these two islands offer everything you could expect from a tropical paradise. Some of the upscale resorts are located on private islands to offer the maximum level of privacy, tranquility and luxury that you deserve.

Another seaside destination in Southern Cambodia is Kep, formerly the most famous holiday spot which is rediscovered by tourists looking for crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and sun. Kep is also home to many upscale resorts, restaurants and clubs.

If you want to spend a bit more time in the pristine nature, explore the spectacular landscapes and be away from the touristy towns, you may visit Mondulkiri and Koh Kong provinces which are both emerging eco-tourism destinations. Both Mondulkiri and Koh Kong are great places for enjoying the lush green forests, observing the wildlife in their natural habitat and hitting the trails for hiking and trekking.

Last but not least, a honeymoon in Cambodia is never complete without a trip to Angkor Archaeological Park. This out of world archaeological site will make you feel like you are in the movie set of the Tomb Raider. It’s absolutely a must visit location in Cambodia and worth every second spent. The best time in the day to visit Angkor Wat is during the sunrise, when you can experience unforgettable moments and take some amazing photos. The town of Siem Reap is the entry point of Angkor Archaeological Park and is accessible by direct flights from many Asian cities.

Things to do in Cambodia on honeymoon

  • Watch the sunrise and sunset at the Angkor Wat
  • Pay a visit to Mondulkiri Project, an ethical elephant sanctuary and a registered NGO where you can spend time with these magical creatures knowing that they are happy and treated well
  • Hit the beaches and try various water sports in the islands and seaside towns
  • Try hiking or trekking to to enjoy unique landscapes, waterfalls and mountains

Best time to Visit Cambodia

Cambodia is warm throughout the year and depending on your purpose of visit, you can travel to Cambodia all year round.

The best time to visit Cambodia, which is also the peak tourism season, is between November and February. During this period, the weather is perfect for all kinds of activities with lots of sun and clear blue skies. However, since it’s the peak season, you may expect higher prices for accommodation and crowd of tourists in popular places.

Useful Information for Cambodia

  • Official language of Cambodia is Khmer. English is widely spoken in touristy areas.
  • Local currency in Cambodia is Cambodian Riel. Cambodia is still pretty much a cash society; you should always carry some cash with you.
  • You can find ATM machines in major cities and tourist areas.
  • Tipping is usually not expected in Cambodia but highly appreciated.
  • In touristy areas, the dress code is relaxed and you can dress however you like. However, before entering temples or religious sites, you should dress modestly.
  • Pack some medication with you in case you experience food poisoning, diarrhea or headache. Better safe than sorry.
  • Bring a lightweight rain jacket and a pair of comfortable shoes for hiking and sightseeing.
  • Bring a mosquito repellent with you.
  • During your stay in Cambodia, always prefer bottled water instead of tap water

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